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Tuesday 18 March 2014

Resolved: SauceLabs Downtime Affecting Some Jenkins Users

This issue is resolved.
SauceLabs is experiencing an extended outage which is affecting Jenkins users (CloudBees DEV@cloud or otherwise) who have installed the SauceLabs plugin. If users have configured the SauceLabs Badge column in their main view, any attempt to view the Jenkins index pages or jobs will hang. This is due a bug in the SauceLabs plugin

You can temporarily disable the SauceLabs plugin by navigating to <Jenkins URL>/pluginManager/installed and searching for the word "Sauce", uncheck the checkbox, and then press "Restart when no jobs are running" at the bottom of the page. After Jenkins restarts, you should be able to view your jobs, but you may lose Sauce-related configuration if you edit any of your jobs which contain such.

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