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Monday 15 October 2012

Packet loss resolved

The network problems are once again going away - systems are returning to normal. We are monitoring things actively and will move/restart apps as needed. The backlog is cleared now, hopefully you didn't have any issues - and if you did - we apologise.

Packet loss update

Network issues are still intermittent - but we are working to remove impact on users apps and services as much as possible. Some applications are being restarted to migrate them to other locations, and backlogs/queues are being worked through. Thank you for your patience.

Network issues ongoing

There is packet loss in US-East region which is affecting some apps and users. This is still ongoing and still intermittent.

Network problems

There is currently network problems affecting the US-East region. We are actively monitoring and migrating apps (and fixing deployments) as we encounter them.

The network problems are still ongoing at this time but appear to be stabilising.