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Monday 4 November 2013

MongoHQ password reset has completed

The MongoHQ password reset has completed and the MONGOHQ_URL entry for all resource definitions have been updated.  Applications with resource bindings declared for MongoHQ databases have been automatically restarted.

We recommend checking on any applications that are using MongoHQ databases to verify they are now working as expected.  If you are experiencing MongoHQ connectivity problems after this reset, please review the guidance offered in our previous blog post on the CloudBees status website.  If you are experiencing issues with a paid production application, please open a support ticket with the appropriate severity level set and the word “MongoHQ” in the ticket name.

We apologize for any impact the MongoHQ security breach has had, but we hope the coordination between CloudBees and MongoHQ has minimized the operational problem of updating passwords.